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Multitasking Myth

The Multitasking Myth

Recently I noticed a help wanted ad seeking someone who could multitask. The ad stated that this was a must have skill.  In reviewing my own skill-set, I felt I would qualify as someone who is good at multitasking. I always have multiple projects going and find myself constantly juggling priorities to meet one deadline… Read More

Walking with earbuds

The Earbud Problem

A year ago, while attending a conference in a major city, I would either walk several blocks from my hotel to the conference or ride the subway each day.  Travelling through the city, I noticed that the majority of the people wore earbuds (small in-ear headphones) and were somewhat oblivious to what was going on… Read More

Stop Destroying the Art

Stop Destroying the Art

“You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.” - Seth Godin On a recent trip to Washington D.C., I had the privilege of wandering through the National Art Gallery for an afternoon.  As I looked at the masterpieces, I couldn’t help but compare the work of these “masters” to the work done… Read More

Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White and Unintended Consequences

 It is an interesting time in American history.  We are in a transitional phase between digital immigrants and digital natives in many aspects of our lives.  This transition impacts many things and a number of the consequences from this transition have yet to manifest. I am a closet fan of a television show that deals… Read More

The No Jerk Rule

The No Jerk Rule

Following a trend in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers added two superstars to their lineup in hopes of winning a championship. Then, after an anemic 1-4 start, they fired their existing head coach and began looking for a replacement. Two months later, the Lakers are still struggling and appear to be getting worse as… Read More